Afghanistan Taliban conflict Ismail Khan promises to fight with Taliban in Herat

Strong points

Taliban steps heading towards the town of Herat Ismail Khan took up arms against the Taliban, the security breach of Herat and other districts of Kasamkabul
In Afghanistan, the Taliban are constantly expanding their footprint and taking over neighborhoods after neighborhoods. Today Mohammad Ismail Khan, a former mujahedin leader and senior member of the Jamiat-e-Islami Party, took up arms against the terrorist organization. Ismail Khan, 70, posted hundreds of his followers in Herat province, western Afghanistan.

Taliban dreams will not come true
The Taliban have now moved closer to the city of Herat, capturing several parts of the province, but it will not be so easy for the terrorist organization to seize it. Ismail Khan says: “We will fight front lines. We will save the city of Herat from those who came to plunder it. We will not allow his dream of looting Herat to come true. We will not allow them to look down on the people of Herat.

After Herat will move to other neighborhoods
Ismail Khan wants to protect Herat and free the other districts from Taliban occupation. He said that after maintaining security around the town of Herat, the army’s effort would be to liberate other districts of the province from Taliban occupation. Ismail Khan said: “Soon you will see the presence of rebel forces in different parts of the city and neighborhoods of Herat. After the establishment of peace in Herat, we will head to the western region.

Residents of Herat ready to fight the Taliban
In the past 24 hours, the Taliban have captured eight districts in Herat province, including the Islam border towns of Kala and Torghundi, Tolo News reported. Firoz Ahmed, a resident of Herat, said: “We will never allow the Taliban to enter the city of Herat. We assure the population that the infiltration of the Taliban will not be allowed in the city. Another resident, Abdul Latif, said that if the Taliban insist on fighting, then we will also take up arms and if they extend a hand of friendship then we will also go in that direction.

fire in a UN office
A UN office in western Afghanistan caught fire on Friday and a guard was killed in a fierce shootout between the Taliban and Afghan forces, the United Nations said. The clashes took place in the Gujra district of Herat province, about 10 kilometers from the capital of Herat province. However, it is not yet clear which side is responsible for the UN office fire. Ismail Khan and his fighters are said to have faced the Taliban in this clash.

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