afghanistan taliban terrorists killed: horrific army airstrike in afghanistan, 23 taliban terrorists killed

An Afghan army spokesperson said on Friday that a total of 23 Taliban militants were killed in airstrikes targeting multiple targets in Afghanistan’s Balkh province. The flights were launched Thursday afternoon at Bodana Kala village in the bustling Sholgara district, Xinhua News Agency reported. As a result, 23 armed terrorists were killed and 11 others were injured.

Three terrorist motorcycles were also destroyed in the airstrike, the official said. Taliban militants operating in parts of Balkh province, including the capital of Mazar-e-Sharif, have made no comment. Afghanistan is in a state of uncertainty after US President Joe Biden announced the withdrawal of US troops by September 11, 2021, after nearly 20 years.

About 10,000 NATO troops from the Resolute Support Training Mission, including 2,500 from the United States and about 1,100 from Germany, the two largest contingents, are about to leave the country. The Taliban have stepped up their attacks on provincial capitals, districts, bases and outposts since the withdrawal officially began on May 1. Hundreds of people have died in this latest conflict so far.

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