Afghanistan Taliban War News: US secret service fears Taliban suffocates Kabul from Afghanistan

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Taliban terrorists quickly spread their feet in Afghanistan, America in tension US intelligence officials have expressed fears Taliban will cut off Kabul
America is under strain because of how quickly the Taliban terrorists are spreading their feet in Afghanistan. U.S. intelligence officials fear that the rapid growth of the Taliban will cause famine for the government in Kabul in the coming times. Intelligence sources said there was no fear of being captured by the Taliban as yet, but the Taliban could cut the capital off from other parts of the country.

According to the CNN report, the Taliban do not yet have enough resources to conquer Kabul. Moreover, if the Taliban do, then there will be a risk of US airstrikes against them. Intelligence assessments have also warned that Taliban militants could cut the Afghan government’s import supply line if they so choose. He said many border crossings were now occupied by the Taliban.
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Afghan government creates special military squad
Another source said the Taliban have so far kept border crossings under their control open to capture import-export revenue. He said the Afghan government also considers the capture of border crossings a major threat. For this reason, she forms a special army squad so that she can be protected. These security forces will be different from the soldiers who fled when the Taliban arrived.

Earlier last week, Taliban militants captured hundreds of vehicles, small trucks, artillery, mortars, anti-aircraft guns, and more. Afghan security forces. Experts have warned that if the Taliban get the oil, they can use these vehicles and weapons to fight faster. Another official said the Taliban would only move towards Kabul if they were confident they could achieve victory.
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Spin Boldak freed from Taliban capture
Meanwhile, Afghan national security forces freed Spin Boldak from Taliban possession on Friday. Sources in the Afghan government confirmed this claim to the Russian Sputnik news agency. Spin Boldak is the same place where Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui was killed in an attack on Afghan security forces. Danish has long covered the war situation in Afghanistan with the Taliban.

Videos that have surfaced on social media have shown a great welcome to the Afghan soldiers. In another video, Taliban fighters were seen fleeing to Pakistan where they were “greeted” by forces across the border. At the same time, the local Taliban commander denied the allegations. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid also shared a video of fighters stationed in the streets of the street.

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