Afghanistan: Terrorist attack on Kabul University, news of 20 people killed

At least 20 people were reportedly killed in Monday’s terrorist attack at Kabul University in Afghanistan. According to media reports, more than 40 people have been injured so far. The security forces who arrived there continue to meet terrorists. The entire campus is surrounded by security forces. The sounds of shooting are still heard inside the campus.

The university has been the victim of attacks even before
Last year eight people were killed in a bomb explosion at the entrance to the university. In 2016, gunmen attacked an American university and killed 13 people. Last month, ISIS sent a suicide bomber to an education center in Dasht-e-Barchi, dominated by Shiites in the capital, killing 24 students.

No organization claimed responsibility for the attack
So far, no terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the attack on Kabul University. The Taliban have yet to comment on the incident. These days, the top political leadership of the Taliban is leading peace talks with the Afghan government in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Meanwhile, the possibility of having an impact on the conversation has also increased due to the increasingly fierce attack by terrorists.

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