Afghanistan War News: Afghan Special Forces Attack AAF Taliban Airstrikes

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The special commandos of the Afghan army began to give a dignified response to the Taliban terrorists. Afghan Air Force destroys hideout of terrorists with horrific attack on Taliban, Defense Ministry says in past 24 hours 267 Taliban terrorists have been killed and 119 injured
The Afghan army special commandos have now started to give a dignified response to the Taliban fighters wreaking havoc after America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. Not only that, the Afghan Air Force is also destroying the terrorists’ hideout by carrying out horrific attacks against the Taliban. The Afghan Defense Ministry said 267 Taliban terrorists have been killed and 119 others injured in the past 24 hours.

The Afghan Defense Ministry said the military has taken vigorous action in Nangarhar, Laghman, Kandahar, Herat, Balkh, Faryab, Jowjan, Helmand Kunduz, Takhar, Kapisa and Kabul provinces. 267 terrorists were killed there. On Monday, 29 Taliban terrorists, including three senior commanders, were killed in the Jowjjan area during shelling by the Afghan Air Force. Taliban hiding places were also destroyed in this attack. The Afghan army has released several videos of its attack.

Taliban adopt kill-and-run strategy
On the other hand, Afghan Special Security Forces claim that the Taliban claim to have captured 85% of the area, but in reality it has not. He said the Taliban was adopting a strategy of elimination and flight to villages and towns so that they suffered the least damage. The Taliban have suffered greatly from the airstrikes and must retreat in many areas.

The Afghan army liberated much of Badghis province from Taliban militants. During this time, the Taliban terrorists suffered heavy losses. Meanwhile, Taliban militants have stepped up attacks on the cities of Ghazni and Kandahar. The fighting has been going on here for 10 days. This has raised concerns among many lawmakers that the two cities will be taken by the Taliban if strong retaliation is not taken.

Kandahar hospitals flooded with wounded
According to Tolo News, the Taliban have captured the Qahmard neighborhood of Bamiyan. Meanwhile, the Taliban have dismissed allegations by the Afghan army that 271 terrorists have been killed. Afghan Special Forces have stepped up their operations in Dand District and pledged to recapture areas controlled by the Taliban. According to residents of Kandahar, the fighting is so fierce that hospitals are filled with wounded.

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