Afghanistan war update: fighting against Afghan army Taliban reported in 20 provinces Kandahar has become a battleground

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A fierce conflict is unfolding in 20 provinces across the country between Taliban terrorists and the Afghan army, while Kandahar province, once a Taliban stronghold, has once again become a battleground, given the growing threat from the Taliban, people left Kandahar and moved to safer places.
In Afghanistan, a bitter conflict is unfolding between Taliban militants and the Afghan army in 20 provinces of the country. These include the provinces of Ghazni, Takhar, Helmand and Baghlan. At the same time, Kandahar province, once a stronghold of the Taliban, has become a battleground again. With the growing threat from the Taliban, thousands of people have left Kandahar and settled in safer places. The Taliban have surrounded the whole city and a fierce battle is unfolding on both sides.

According to Tolo News, several dozen rockets were fired at the town of Maimana. The city is the center of the province of Faryab. Local officials in Herat province said security forces imposed a nighttime curfew in the town of Herat. This can reduce the risk of Taliban attack. Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Fawad Aman said the military was constantly carrying out air and ground strikes against the Taliban.
Shameful statement by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan referred to as “ordinary citizens” of Taliban terrorists
“War on the Taliban to the last drop of blood”
Aman said the death toll among Taliban militants is steadily rising and the military is freeing districts from the clutches of each Taliban. Taliban militants launch rockets and mortars at civilian targets in the town of Maimana, killing scores of civilians. At the same time, a police officer in Herat said that I wanted to assure the local people that they would get protection and that they would now fight with the Taliban to the last drop of blood.

The fiercest battle continues for the capture of Kandahar province. The Taliban have worked hard to capture the country’s second largest city. Taliban terrorists have not yet entered the city, but heavy fighting has started in neighborhoods surrounding the city. Because of this, the local population now feels trapped. If the Taliban take over this city, it will be like a huge victory for them.

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