African Baobab: Madagascar Baobab: Trees older than human civilization, inhabiting “ roots ” and deep trunks of the sky inhabit a unique world – story of the Madagascar baobab whose branches resemble roots

A road leading to a long distance, standing on either side, Baobab trees touching the sky. The enormity of these trees is not their specialty. They are called the Tree of Life, the tree of life to see, the Avenues of the Baobab are nothing less than paradise. In appearance, they are as if they have roots upwards. These trees are older than human civilization and have been around since the continents were not even separated from each other. The stories related to it also last for centuries, during which time the difference between truth and imagination has faded. Today we know the story of the Baobab, a tree found in African countries.

Trees thousands of years old

These giant trees, like little cacti kept in the office, are found in more than 30 succulent baobab countries. In Tanzania they are called Baobao. These trees of the Adansonia group have 9 species of which 6 belong to Madagascar. Above their tall stems are very dense branches that look like roots. Hence, they are also called upside down trees. The oldest of these trees, 30 meters high and 50 meters wide, is 6,000 years old.

Absorb 4500 liters of water

How big are these trees, it is estimated that 1189 gallons of water can be stored in them. Even when there was no rain, people used them for water. The fruits that grow on their trees are also called ‘monkey bread’, which is rich in vitamin C. These trees live in hot, dry climates and soak water in the stem during the rainy season. Using this water at the onset of summer produces fruit rich in nutrients and antioxidants. They are used for shade, food and water. Its bark makes clothes, towing.

Support for life, even in difficulty

Cosmetic and medicinal supplements are made from their seeds which can last up to three years. Their leaves are full of iron. Their stems are so huge that after being cored, they are used from prison to post office. In some African countries, its condition is worrying and this tree is dying, which worries scientists. In the past 10 years, 9 out of 13 trees between 1,100 and 2,500 years old have died. Scientists say trees are dying from rising temperatures or dying from fire, wind, drought and disease.

House of history

The name Baobab comes from the Arabic word bahibab which means a lot of seeds. There are many stories, one of which is that before the Holocaust, God gave every animal a tree to save its species from extinction. The animal that received the baobao did not like it, so he threw down the tree and fell from the top. So later they started to grow with aerial roots.

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