After China, India showed the power of ‘drone Swarm’, know why these future aerial warriors are dangerous – Indian army shows drone swarm after China, know why drone swarm technology is dangerous for future war

India has also shown the strength of its drone army after demonstrating the power of Chinese drone technology. Amid the escalation in Ladakh, China also showed the strength of its drone army in September itself. After which India stepped up its defense preparedness, on January 15, Army Day, the sight of the swarm drone attack was presented. These drones can inflict serious damage by entering enemy territory without loss of human life.

What is Swarm Drone technology

When multiple drones perform a mission together, this system is referred to as Swarm Drone or Swarm Drone technology. It is a mother drone, from which emerge a number of small drones capable of attacking different targets. Enemy anti-aircraft guns or missiles also prove ineffective on them due to their high numbers. This new technology has the potential to change the whole scene of warfare in the future. This technology will prove to be very important in times of war without contact, that is to say without human contact.

Swarming drones can cause massive destruction

Swarm drones are capable of causing massive destruction in enemy territory. Equipped with inexpensive, lightweight and high-tech artificial intelligence technology, these drones are capable of destroying any target. Swarm drones are also capable of defrauding air defense systems and radars operating in enemy territory. Due to the small size, radars are also found to fail to capture these drones.

Capable of attacking up to 50 km

Swarm drones are capable of wreaking havoc in enemy territory up to 50 kilometers inside. These can include guns or bombs, which can be fired or detonated. Apart from this, with the help of swarm drones, logistics and military equipment can also be transported to the military under difficult circumstances. Due to its small size, each drone can airlift a small amount of luggage and drop it off at the designated location.

These drones will make a suicide attack

These drones are capable of carrying out suicide attacks on enemy strategic targets. These drones are also known as ALFA-S (Air Launched Flexible Asset or Swarm). Its primary or parent drone can be dropped into the air by any fighter jet. After which many small drones will be able to exit from these mother drones and destroy enemy bases.

100 km / h speed will be able to fly

Swarm drones from different countries also have different speeds. By the way, the media claim that the swarm drones to be deployed in India will have a speed of around 100 kilometers per hour. These will have high power batteries, which will allow the drone to fly nonstop for several hours. These drones can easily land on a previously defined target.

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