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the essential Météo France is forecasting a sunny weekend and rising temperatures in the region for this weekend.

Gray, rainy, cool. We really wouldn’t dare each other in June if we saw the weather in Occitania this Friday. Fortunately, the weekend promises to be better! The clearings will come again.

That Friday, the weather stayed grim all day as a current from the southwest brought unstable air up from the Iberian Peninsula and the Bay of Biscay. At the same time, France was between this fresh air from the Atlantic and the subtropical air that rises from Africa to Central Europe, explains La Chaîne Météo.

Saturday 5th June

The day begins under the clouds. The clearings will already exist on the Languedoc coast. In the afternoon, beautiful clearings will develop across Occitania. The Tramontan and the Mistral will be moderate. The afternoon temperatures forecast are 25 ° C in Narbonne, 22 ° C in Carcassonne, Albi, Montauban, Agen and Cahors, 21 ° C in Toulouse, Castres and Auch, 20 ° C in Tarbes and Pau, 19 ° C in Foix and 18 ° C in Rodez.

Sunday June 6th

Over the former Midi-Pyrénées region, the sky will be cloudy at the beginning of the day, while over the Languedoc the clearings will already be there in the morning. In the afternoon the clearings will prevail again in the entire region. The maximum temperatures are 26 ° C in Narbonne, 23 ° C in Carcassonne, Cahors and Agen, 22 ° C in Toulouse, Albi and Castres, 22 ° C in Auch and Pau, 21 ° C in Tarbes, 20 ° C in Foix and 19 ° C in Rodez.

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