After the censure motion in Murcia, what can happen in Madrid, Castile and León and in Andalusia?

Publication: Wednesday March 10, 2021 12:35 PM

After the motion of censure announced by the PSOE and the citizens of Murcia, a question arises in the regions where the popular governs with oranges, sometimes with the support of vox: will this motion extend to d ‘ other territories?

Knowing that this is not the first time that a motion has been raised, this could be the case for Madrid, Andalusia or Castilla y León. However, over the past two years, some of the leaders have quickly come out against a repeat of this motion in their respective regions. However, this is not the example of the Madrid region.

In this sense, sources from the presidency led by Isabel Díaz Ayuso tell LaSexta that they still cannot affirm the support of the Orange formation to maintain their government: “We cannot say anything if we fear the same operation in Madrid. with citizens. We are awaiting the official reaction of Inés Arrimadas ”, they express.

These statements come up against the silence that Ciudadanos has shown throughout the morning. Neither the vice-president of the region, Ignacio Aguado, nor the party leader, Inés Arrimadas, have expressed a single word about the party’s position.

For their part, from the PSOE in Madrid, they tell LaSexta that their team has won the regional elections, and they are ready to repeat what happened in Murcia: “We are, we have always been, ready to speak for form a government that reforms, transforms and regenerates the region, ”they say. However, they also cannot confirm that this will be a real possibility: “So far we have no information indicating that there has been a change in the position of Ciudadanos in Madrid, where their support has was decisive for the inauguration and is part of the government with Díaz Ayuso ”, they conclude.

In Andalusia and Castile and León, they say: the same will not happen

For example, from Andalusia, Juan Marín, vice-president and member of Ciudadanos, indicates in an informal meeting with journalists that this motion “cannot be extrapolated to Andalusia and has nothing to do with it “.

The President of the Autonomy, People’s Party, also said something similar, who said on his Twitter account that “in these times of serious health, social and economic crisis, we need stable governments”. Thus, it defends its position of focusing efforts “on the emergency”.

On the other hand, sources from Ciudadanos de Castilla y León, another of the places where the motion sounded, follow the same line as their Andalusian colleagues, and categorically reject any other movement of this type: “Murcia is Murcia, with d ‘other arithmetic and other local and autonomous variables “

“Here we are calm”, they insist of the orange formation, which in turn argues that the example of Murcia is not the same: “There they have had a lot of controversy lately, and especially with vox between the two. That’s another situation, “they conclude.

Vox calls for elections in Madrid, Andalusia and Castilla-La Mancha

After these events, the far-right formation Vox – which in some of these regions has played a key role in the government – called in a statement to call for elections in these three territories “to stop the assault on the left against the institutions “.

In his letter, the formation led by Santiago Abascal ensures that Inés Arrimadas has become a partner of United We Can, and attacks the citizens: “He showed that he was not a reliable partner, presenting a motion of censure against those who shared the government “.

Thus, from the group, they insist: “We will continue to resist the policies of the left. We consider that the immediate convening of regional elections in Andalusia, Madrid and Castile and León is necessary”, they condemn.

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