After the Maldives, China mocked India’s growing strength in the Indian Ocean, now provoking Madagascar – Chinese media angry with India for growing military force in the Indian Ocean provoked Madagascar and the Comoros

Strong points:

China upset by India’s growing strength in Indian Ocean region
The senses of China are blown away by the growing strength of India in the Indian Ocean. The dragon that crushed Sri Lanka and the Maldives under the burden of debt now provokes Madagascar, a country friendly to India. Indeed, during Arrow India 2021, India hosted for the first time the Conference of Defense Ministers of the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). Meanwhile, a discussion took place among all Allied countries on strengthening peace, security and cooperation in the Indian Ocean. Now, China is being eliminated so that India’s grip does not strengthen in this region.

China wrongly accuses India of the Indian Ocean
China’s official spokesperson Global Times in its editorial targeted India, saying New Delhi did not want to see China’s presence in the Indian Ocean. India fears that China’s growing military might jeopardize its major role in the Indian Ocean region. The Global Times further wrote that it is foolish for India to view China’s normal actions as a threat to the security of the Indian Ocean region.

China is afraid of India’s presence in Madagascar
The Global Times, citing news from our partner institute Times of India, wrote that New Delhi is stepping up security and defense cooperation with Madagascar and the Comoros to counter Beijing’s perceived influence in the western Indian Ocean. However, countries in the region may not be interested in New Delhi’s efforts which could pull them in favor of India.

Incitement of Indian Ocean countries against India
Chinese media, provoking Madagascar and the Comoros, wrote that these two countries are sovereign nations. They have the right to make their own foreign policy and to manage their international affairs themselves. They will not blindly join India. Apart from that, these countries have always maintained friendly relations with China. Because China actively supports them to play their own role in the Indian Ocean region.

China clarifies deployment of warships
Through the Global Times, China has also defended the deployment of its warships and submarines in the Gulf of Aden. The Chinese media used a strong tone to write that India should remember that as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China has the responsibility of maintaining world peace and security. How could China lead an escort mission in the Gulf of Aden if it was not authorized and ratified by the United Nations?

India accused of making excuses
Not only that, the Chinese media took two steps forward and accused India of India giving such a response due to the failure of ambition to dominate the Indian Ocean. The effort to maintain exclusive control over the Indian Ocean is becoming increasingly volatile and costly. India is therefore looking for an external factor as an excuse.

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