agni 5 China anti-ballistic missile test: China will test Agni-5 nuclear missile halfway, India warning: report – China mid-term anti-ballistic missile test India warning Agni 5 nuclear-capable missile

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China has tested India’s deadliest Agni-5 missile, in fact China claimed to have tested anti-ballistic missile systems in the past. Experts say the purpose of this exercise is to kill the Agni missile. Test processing
China has tested India’s deadliest Agni-5 missile amid continuing tensions in eastern Ladakh. Indeed, China claimed to have successfully carried out anti-ballistic missile systems in the northern part of the country, Taiyuan. China has claimed it has not tested this by targeting a particular country, but experts say the purpose of the dragon exercise was to test India’s Agni missile.

The Chinese state-run Global Times said the purpose of the anti-ballistic missile test was to demonstrate the enemy’s ability to destroy a medium-range missile (IRBM) halfway. At the same time, experts say that the satellite can also be destroyed in this system. Meanwhile, the South China Morning Post newspaper published from Hong Kong says that
Chinese President Xi Jinping orders ‘preparations for war’, PLA marshals arms at Indian border
India plans to deploy Agni-5 this year
The Chinese Defense Ministry had said the aim of the test was not to target any particular country, but a source close to the Chinese military said India was on the missile test track. China wanted to warn India through this. In fact, India plans to deploy Agni-5, its deadliest and most striking missile to all of China, this year.

The Agni-5 missile has a range of 5,000 km and is capable of targeting any city in China. A Chinese military source said, “This is the technology that China has been making for a very long time.” The missile test carried out on Thursday aims to warn India which has adopted a strategy of nuclear blackmail in its relations with China. However, sources also said that China’s missile technology cannot destroy the US or Russia’s nuclear missile. He said there was a lot of gap between the missiles from China and America.

Missile trial also warns US President Joe Biden
Macau military expert Antony Wang Tong said the anti-ballistic missile test is a warning to US President Joe Biden. The United States is manufacturing very fast medium-range missiles after its withdrawal from the INF Treaty. It is a threat to China. Not only that, Taiwan also manufactures missiles that can attack even China. China first tested it in 2010.

China exercises to kill Indian Agni-5 missile

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