Agreement on a Rafale plane: after India, Indonesia, Greece will now buy a Rafale fighter plane from France, Turkey will be eyeing – Greece will pay France more than $ 2 billion for the agreement on a Rafale fighter plane

Greece has stepped up preparations to increase its military strength amid growing tensions with neighboring Turkey. Greece will soon be dealing with France for 2.3 billion euros. Under this agreement, it will purchase 18 Rafale fighter jets. A government spokesperson gave this information Thursday. Significantly, a few days ago, it was also learned that Indonesia was buying Rafale from France, upset by China’s aggressive stance.

Delivery from next year
Spokesman Stelios Pettus said Greece will buy 6 new Rafale and 12 previously used jets for € 1.92 billion, while the equipment connected to it will be purchased for € 400 million. The first 6 devices will be delivered in June of next year, while the rest of the year will take place in mid-2023. Greece wants to increase its defense capacity with the help of new jets, open doors and weapons. Besides the tension which arises in the region of the Eastern Mediterranean on energy resources, the tension with Turkey gives rise to its concerns.

Turkey’s S-400 collided
Greece’s new weapons will face Turkey’s F-16, which continues to circulate in Greek airspace, also with the S-400 air defense missile system. The Turkish marine oil exploration vessel Oruk Reis is conducting research near the island of Kastelorizo, Greece. Greece claims the Turkish vessel is operating in its waters. Whereas Turkey has rejected Greece’s request as its own.

France’s agreement with Indonesia
Previously, French Defense Minister Florence Parle said in an interview that the agreement with Indonesia, a country in Southeast Asia for the sale of 36 Rafale, had been finalized. Defense relations between France and Indonesia are only just beginning. The Rafale deal was preceded by an eight-figure Airbus H225M helicopter contract for the Indonesian Air Force in 2019.

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