“Agreements are binding”

Publication: Monday, March 8, 2021 11:34

Health Minister Carolina Darias said she would “fight” for the community of Madrid to join the consensus to limit mobility at Easter and warned that the agreements coming out of the Interterritorial Health Council with the ‘ACSC are “mandatory”.

Darias ha señalado en una entrevista en la Cadena Ser que “es una obligación buscar el mínimo común” de ententimiento en el Consejo Interterritorial del miércoles, del que deberían salir dos o tres medidas “contundentes” to avoid the spread of the virus in las vacaciones de Holy Week.

“The public is waiting for a common response and I hope and wish that we adopt, not a lot, but two or three strong and equal measures throughout the territory. It would be fundamental,” he said after indicating that this which is agreed as the coordinated actions “are obligatory” and fall within the framework of the decree on the state of alarm.

Darias has repeatedly reiterated that she wants there to be a consensus on the perimeter of the Autonomous Communities of Holy Week and reminded the president of the Madrid community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, that what is an “indisputable argument “is that the spread of the virus is produced by mobility and social contact.

“All the measures that limit this are against the virus and in favor of health,” he said after Ayuso said that when these perimeter closures were carried out “it was shown that the contagion has increased because, above all, it is about dispersal ”.

He insisted on the fact that within the Interterritorial Council with the Autonomous Communities there is “more consensus than noise” and there is “a collective awareness among all members to learn from the experiences. . and to arrive in the summer in the best conditions “. “I want to stress that there is more consensus than it seems and that today consensus is cool. Allow me that colloquial expression,” he said.

CCAA’s Position

Almost all of the Autonomous Communities have pledged to close the perimeter of the regions at Easter, as requested by the Ministry of Health.

The only one that is reluctant to apply this measure is the Community of Madrid, whose president Isabel Díaz Ayuso has asked the government to “be sensitive” to the Madrid economy.

“I ask the government to be sensitive now that infections continue to drop. It makes no sense, now that we have faced the third wave alone, to put in place extraordinary measures that eliminate working hours for commerce and hospitality, ”said the popular.

The Valencian President Ximo Puig has spoken on this subject, who sees “difficult to understand” that Madrid does not envisage the closure: “It is like when you go in a direction prohibited on the highway”.

Other regional presidents like Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (Castilla y León), María Chivite (Navarra), Fernando López Miras (Murcia) or Emiliano García-Page (Castilla-La Mancha), who pleaded this Sunday at El Objectif for an agreement between the autonomies to avoid travel during the holidays.

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