Agro and logistics will remain the main sectors for job creation in 2021

Agro and logistics will remain the main sectors for job creation in 2021

Randstad, number 1 in human resources in Spain and in the world, has prepared a forecast of the most dynamic sectors of job creation for 2021, taking into account the latest hiring data provided by SEPE and its Observatory of Professions.

Randstad predicts that the most active sectors currently in terms of job creation, agriculture, logistics and manufacturing, will continue to demand professionals in 2021. As of November, the sum of these three sectors was almost 617 000 contracts, or more than 44% of the total. total that have been signed. Although hirings in general were down 17.6% from the same month in 2019, agriculture, logistics and manufacturing were the only major sectors to see their hiring volume increase over the year. last.

Number of hires and variation of the most dynamic sectors

Source: Randstad Research and SEPE

These sectors will be joined by other more specific activities strongly linked to new technologies that will also generate jobs, such as e-commerce, computer security, remote work solutions, online training or the generation of streaming content. .

“Over the past few months, we have witnessed that e-commerce has been a notable energizer of our economy, so logistics and new technologies will continue to be the protagonists of the labor market in 2021, in addition to l ‘agriculture and certain industries,’ prev Valentn Bote, director of Randstad Research.

The primary sector, the usual generator of jobs

The agriculture and livestock sector has been one of the main drivers of employment in our country, especially in terms of fixed-term employment, and the trend, according to Randstad, is that it will continue to grow. do so in 2021. Last November, the primary sector was the biggest generator of contracts, a total of 314,790 signatures, 25.2% more than those obtained in November 2019, also the largest increase of all sectors.

At the regional level, Andalusia experienced the strongest increase in hiring in agriculture, 38.8%, followed by the Balearics (23.8%) and the region of Murcia (21.8%). The Andalusian community is also the one with the highest volume of contracts (185,833), followed by far by the Region of Murcia (42,915) and the Valencian Community (34,327).

The moment of logistics

The consumption habits acquired during imprisonment, in which electronic commerce plays a fundamental role, have a decisive influence on the fact that the logistics sector has become one of the most dynamic in terms of job creation. Randstad anticipated this demand from professionals in the logistics industry will continue to post positive numbers in 2021, as e-commerce continues to grow, particularly among small businesses.

The logistics sector is currently responsible for 133,637 contracts, 22.3% more than last year. The most pronounced increases compared to 2019, well above the national average, are found in Castile-La Mancha (69%), La Rioja (64.9%) and the Valencian Community (45.2%). In contrast, the highest volumes were recorded in Andalusia (22,729), Catalonia (21,211) and the Community of Madrid (18,650).

Industry employment opportunities

The report prepared by Randstad points out that some industries, such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals and agribusiness, will continue to generate jobs in 2021. In fact, the manufacturing sector, to which these activities belong, recorded 168,477 contracts. in November, 6.1% more than twelve months ago.

At the regional level, the strongest increases in the manufacturing industry took place in Castile-La Mancha (23%), Cantabria (22.2%) and Aragn (19.9%). As for recruitments in this sector, they took place in Catalonia (28,925), in the Valencian Community (23,171) and in Andalusia (18,655).

Technology, winning bet

Beyond these specific sectors, Randstad underlines that certain activities will generate significant jobs in the coming months, in particular those related to new technologies. The development of tools and solutions adapted to the current situation, such as teleworking or the consumption of leisure activities at home, will develop exponentially, requiring new talents.

In a market where the digital channel will be the protagonist, certain tools will be of decisive importance. In fact, some of the most requested profiles by employers will be those who are familiar with big data, data analytics, artificial intelligence or machine learning, e-commerce or digital transformation.

In a situation where the demands of the labor market change easily, Randstad recommends that professionals, whatever their situation, invest in their training, especially in digital skills. In this way, they can improve their employability and adapt to the opportunities that arise.

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