Aguado predicts that some schools in Madrid will not be able to open on Monday due to damage caused by Filomena

Publication: Wednesday, January 13, 2021 1:46 PM

Ignacio Aguado, vice-president of the Community of Madrid, pointed out that there is no longer an isolated municipality in the region. “The people of Madrid are up to the task, thank you for taking to the streets to open corridors,” Aguado said at the press conference after the regional government council.

He hopes that on Monday the 18th, schools can open, or at least most of them. “There are 240 centers that have reported damage that needs to be repaired for a safe return to class,” which are suspended in person for a week and are done electronically.

He stressed on Wednesday that “there are several days, even weeks,” for normalcy to return to the region. “What happened is a disaster,” he added.

Aguado said that now the priority is for the metro to continue to operate as it has so far, that the snow and branches are removed and that schools can open next week. For this, he again insisted on the collaboration of all administrations and also of citizens.

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