Aguado proposes that people vaccinated against COVID-19 can travel throughout Spain

Updated: Wednesday, March 3, 2021 2:50 PM

Published on: 03.03.2021 13:44

The Community of Madrid is in favor of allowing mobility over Easter if coronavirus data continues to improve. A position that is the opposite of that of the Ministry of Health and the majority of regional governments, which choose to continue with perimeter confinements to avoid a fourth wave.

Madrid’s vice-president Ignacio Aguado transferred in an intervention to the media that his executive is “liberal” and, therefore, “is committed to trying to lift all restrictions”. But the chief of Ciudadanos went further and declared that, according to him, “the vaccinated people should circulate freely throughout the national territory”.

Some statements that did not sit too well in the government of Díaz Ayuso, who only took a few minutes to clarify that “these opinions are personal”. “The opinions expressed on vaccination and the free movement of vaccinated people are personal. They do not obey a criterion of the Ministry of Health, ”transferred sources from the regional executive to LaSexta.

For her part, the regional president was “surprised” because her vice-president “did not comment on this subject after two hours of debate in the Board of Governors”. Likewise, he underlined that “the competence in matters of health is held by an adviser who was at this meeting and who was not consulted”.

The opinions expressed on vaccination and the freedom of movement of the vaccinated are personal “

For Ignacio Aguado, this would be a good strategy, but we must not forget that epidemiologists and health experts have reminded that it has not been proven that vaccinated people cannot spread the coronavirus. In fact, virologist Margarita del Val warned just a few days ago that “we can all be contagious, even if we are vaccinated or have passed COVID-19”.

In addition to these statements, the vice-president called on the government of Pedro Sánchez to “define a common strategy” so that each autonomous community “does not decide what to do”. He believes the health ministry should have a common mobility plan, not just for Easter, but permanently.

This is precisely what will be debated this Wednesday at the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System. The government, in particular Health, will discuss the restrictions that will be applied in the coming days with regional advisers to try to reach an agreement.

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