Aguirre blames Casado for the fall of the PP in Catalonia for his statements on 1-O and “personal attacks” against Abascal

Publication: Thursday, February 25, 2021 9:30 a.m.

Esperanza Aguirre is clear: Pablo Casado is the culprit for the People’s Party failing to scrape the seats citizens lost in Catalonia and even lose a seat in Parliament.

The former president of Madrid believes that “it was a mistake” the interview that the current president of the PP gave in ‘RAC1’. In this intervention on the Catalan resort Casado, he assured that he had personally decided not to appear before the media on October 1, 2017 as a spokesperson for the party for having disagreed with the method used by the government, then in charge. by Mariano Rajoy, to deal with illegal consultations. .

In addition to this interview, Aguirre considers that the attitude of Casado when Santiago Abascal presented the motion of censure against Pedro Sánchez was incorrect. “Personal attacks are a mistake. It is one thing to say ‘no’ to the censure motion and another to appoint Abascal as president, but personal attacks are unacceptable,” he said in an interview with “Onda Cero”.

It should be remembered that in this debate in Congress, the PP broke with the far right with a very harsh speech by Casado in front of Abascal. “It is not that we are not courageous, that we do not dare, it is that we do not want to be like you”, were some declarations of the leader of the “popular”. Precisely, Vox entered Parliament for the first time with 11 seats.

For the former Madrid president, these are “personal attacks” that did not benefit the party during the elections in Catalonia, where it won only three seats. “Many Catalan friends who have always voted for the citizens or the PP this time voted for Illa thinking of the useful vote”, he underlined in this regard.

Asked about the move of the PP from Genoa, which was promoted after the judicial inquiries, Aguirre said that “this cannot be the only reflection that is made”. She believes that after the Catalan elections, the “popular” formation should do “more thinking”.

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