ah-64th with uav: Apache has two eyes, will selectively target “ flying tank ” enemies – boeing ah-64 apache attack helicopter and two different drones to identify, attack target

The US military is preparing to equip the world’s deadliest attack helicopter AH-64E Apache with two new weapons. These two weapons, called Apache’s Eye, will not only give this flying tank a strategic advantage, but can also save the lives of its soldiers on the battlefield. In fact, the Apache helicopter is slated to be sent to the battlefield with two deadly armed drones. A test was also carried out recently, in which the Apache helicopter pilot, by his control, fired missiles into these drones. Several enemy tanks were destroyed in this attack, while their helicopter returned safely to base.

Apache will become deadlier with the help of two drones

The US military reported that the AH-64E Apache was tested in Utah with two drones in October of last year. Where this trio managed to destroy their targets by successfully firing air-to-surface missiles. The test included a Textron Shadow RQ-7BV2 Block-3 tactical drone with Apache and a General Atomics MQ-1C Gray Eagle extended range drone. These two are counted among America’s deadliest drones.

The enemy at 15,000 feet will be eliminated

During this time, the Apache pilot struck the enemy on the ground through the sensor of the RQ-7BV2 drone and fired the AGM-114 Hellfire missile into the MQ-1C. After that, this missile accurately destroyed its target located at a distance of 15,000 feet. This three-plane unit repeated this feat a few days later using a hover bomb. Since then, the US military is currently working on a plan to test these three elements on the real battlefield.

The US military will also increase its strength on reconnaissance missions

The US military has been flying the MQ-1C drone with the Apache helicopter for a long time. Where control of this drone is in the hands of the pilot of the Apache helicopter. But this is the first time that two drones have been successfully tested with Apache. In 2017, the U.S. military decommissioned the Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter. Since then, Apache and MQ-1C Gray Eagle drones have been used in reconnaissance and attack missions.

America connects all guns in a network

The US military is working on plans to interconnect troops, tanks, guns, drones, satellites, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters in the coming days. The aim is that if during the flight someone in this network sees the target and does not have a missile, then another ship can fire the missile to destroy the target. In such a situation, it will be difficult for the enemy to escape.

The US military will eliminate the enemy without going to the battlefield

The US military wants its drones to penetrate enemy missiles to locate targets, while fixed-wing planes and helicopters with troops present can be monitored from the outside. In such a situation, when the drone sees a target, it can fire its own missile. If it does not have a missile, it will send target information to one or more remotely deployed attack helicopters. Thanks to which the enemy can be eliminated by attacking with long-range weapons. With this technology, human life and property will be saved.

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