air-frozen noodles and egg: “ noodles and egg stored in air ” at a temperature of -45 ℃, the picture goes viral – siberia novosibirsk photo of noodles and egg frozen in air becomes viral

Earth’s northern hemisphere is in the throes of freezing cold these days. Many parts of the world are now shrouded in ice caps. Meanwhile, the image of frozen noodles and eggs in the air has caused panic on social media. This great photo is taken in Siberia, one of the coldest places in the world. Mercury minus 45 ° C in Siberia.

Twitter user Oleg tweeted a photo of the noodles and eggs freezing in the air, which is now being tweeted violently. This photo was taken by Oleg in his hometown of Novosibirsk in Siberia. This photo is from Monday when the mercury dropped to minus 45 degrees Celsius. Oleg wrote: “Today, in my hometown of Novosibirsk in Siberia, the mercury reached minus 45 degrees Celsius.”

Temperature in Siberia -45 ° C
Oleg wrote: “ My friends, you cannot feel the weather in Siberia. The temperature in Siberia was -45 ° C the day before. Now that mercury has reached 4 ° C. If we follow Yahoo’s estimate, the mercury will rise to 12 ° C. It will be minus 23 Celsius, then minus 30 degrees Celsius.

This image is highly regarded on Twitter. So far 57,000 people have liked it and over 17,000 people have tweeted. Another user said, “People in our area are starting to shake inside the sweater at just 23 degrees Celsius.” Another user wrote: “Even gravitationalism trembles”. A third user wrote: “The temperature in the morning is 17 degrees Celsius and we are not going to take a bath.”

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