Air traffic management goes to the cloud thanks to Indra and Microsoft

Yesterday we were talking about the success story of Carreras Grupo Logístico and today we go through the roof. A new Microsoft success story arrives, this time focused on air traffic management or iTEC.

The complexity of Spanish air traffic falls on Indra and the Microsoft cloud

A joint effort between Indra and Microsoft aims to bring air traffic management to the cloud. A new iTEC system that processes air traffic information. Let’s not forget that an airport like Barajas handles hundreds of flights every day at the moment.

For this reason, a system is needed that generates the routes of all aircraft at all times. This is how work is carried out to strengthen aviation safety. This helps air traffic controllers to carry out their work.

A job that is vitally important for everything to work as it should in an airport. This is a very delicate task and it requires that the operation be foolproof at all times. With the new iTEC, it is ensured that controllers have an information backup to ensure that the information is correct.

As reported by Europa Press, the company has deployed its iTEC system with a training simulator. Indra is already known to have developed simulators for the military, so this is not a new task for the Spanish company. Azure is the public cloud infrastructure that was used and that allowed Indra’s engineers to work “dynamically, quickly and flexibly”.

This project will enable Indra to work with its customers in Europe on the new functionalities and functionalities of iTEC. All this without having to move or install anything more. This is a big step forward for European aviation, which is moving towards the construction of the digital European sky which will allow the connection of European control centers.

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