Aitor Esteban (PNV) has pledged to extend the state of alert and accuses Minister Escrivá of “not respecting the law”

Published: Saturday April 17 2021 10:34

PNV Congress spokesman Aitor Esteban said he didn’t like Inclusion, Social Security and Migration Minister José Luis Escrivá “not complying with the law , who says that since October, the minimum income should already be transferred Vital “to Euskadi, and accused him of” not lifting a finger in this direction “.

In statements to RNE-5, Representative Jeltzale also analyzed the COVID-19 pandemic and the possibility that the state of alarm will not be extended beyond May 9. In this sense, Esteban considered that the central executive should review “the data and forecasts” and take the decision to extend them.

“At the moment we are in a fourth wave with an ascent, with bad data … by May 9 we would be in a vaccination of 10 to 11% of the total population when the herd immunity is of 70%. The alarm cannot be limited to traffic., curfew, closure of the perimeter … “, he recalled.

For all this, he warned that “it is not prudent” not to extend the state of alert and indicated that he was astonished that the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, made the announcement of not to establish an extension “so soon”.

“The Community of Madrid has faced the central government in terms of representing freedom and fewer restrictions and probably part of the Madrid campaign is based on this … What should prevail is caution, see the data and when we update 9 I am pretty sure that the logical thing is to prolong the state of alarm sufficiently to change ordinary legislation and provide us with instruments, ”he said.

Regarding the recovery, transformation and resilience plan, the PNV leader considered that there remains to be “a lot of cleaning up” and to materialize. According to him, it is therefore necessary to “focus on certain issues” that are of concern, such as the fact that the funds must serve as “a catalyst for a new leap in the economic foundations of the country”.

“For us, the industry is very important and what we see if the axes are analyzed is that the millions intended directly for the industry are relatively few,” he warned.

Likewise, he asserted that it is possible that large projects which could be “tractors”, the government could divide them into ministries, so that “when a company wants to do something, it will have to resort to different ministries for the same project, which can discourage access to aid ”.

In this way, it has influenced that there are certain projects that “depend on where they are developed, they can be successful because they happen in an ecosystem with people and industries involved”, so that in other places, that “they’re still a wasteland in this area, starting from scratch can be a failure.”

However, Esteban assured that he does not think that the plan should be voted in the Congress of Deputies, “another thing is that it is consensual”. Asked about the plan presented this week by the Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, to reform pensions, Esteban said that what he does not like “about Mr. Escrivá is that he does not respect not the law which says that since October it should be transferred the minimum living income “.

“He is not moving a finger in that direction and the news I have is very negative. In principle, I am very angry with this ministry. Regarding his ideas on pensions, when he will define some more. we will talk. The first thing that the law complies with, “added.

Finally, and with regard to labor reform, Esteban considered it necessary to carry out a reform, “among other things because Europe demands it of us”.

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