Ajit Doval action plan in Pakistan: Ajit Doval asked the SCO to develop an action plan against terrorist groups based in Pakistan

Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval sent a strong message against Pakistan at the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) meeting in Tajikistan. He called on the SCO to put in place an action plan against terrorist organizations – Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed – operating from Pakistani soil. He raised the request to include it in the framework of the SCO.

Issue raised before Pakistan
According to sources, Doval insisted on using international standards to suppress terrorist groups so that their funding could be stopped. For this, he also demanded an agreement between the SCO and the FATF (Financial Action Task Force). His Pakistani counterpart Moeed Yusuf was also involved in the meeting in which Doval raised this demand.

FATF meeting regarding Pakistan, will it be blacklisted or will Imran’s “Naya Pakistan” remain on the gray list?
We must fight terrorism
Doval also condemned terrorism of any kind. He said those who carried out terrorist attacks on the border should be punished at the earliest. He called for the full implementation of United Nations resolutions and sanctions against terrorists and organizations that have been designated as terrorists by the United Nations. The technology and the weapons that are used, the need to monitor it was also mentioned.

FATF decision will come soon
On the other hand, Pakistan should not get a concession again at the FATF meeting. According to sources linked to the meeting, Pakistan may again be kept on the FATF gray list for six months. In fact, in the report prepared by this global body, Pakistan achieved only 26 of the 27 action points. An official announcement to keep Pakistan on the gray list is expected on Friday.

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