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Pakistani NSA claims – it had a secret meeting with India, Moid Yusuf said – it was because of these meetings that the two countries dismissed the news of the Ajit ceasefire meeting Doval, did not name Islamabad
Pakistan’s national security adviser Mueed Yusuf claimed he had several secret meetings with India in February this year. He also said that the window of hope and hope is always open in Indo-Pakistani relations, provided India is ready to create an enabling environment. The Pakistani NSA claimed that it was through these secret meetings that the ceasefire between the two countries was implemented.

Pak NSA kept silent instead of meetings
In an interview with the news site ‘The Wire’, the Pakistani NSA said that since the ceasefire between India and Pakistan in February 2003, relations between the two countries have been filled with hope and hope. Yusuf claimed intelligence meetings between India and Pakistan took place during the re-application of the 2003 ceasefire in February. In this interview, he did not specify whether these meetings had taken place in Dubai or elsewhere?

Who was involved in the secret meeting?
He also said that there could have been more than one meeting between the two countries. The mode of these meetings could be both physical and virtual. He declined to say who attended the meeting on the Indian side. He also did not say whether or not the ISAI chief attended the meeting on the Pakistani side.

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What did Pak NSA say upon meeting Ajit Doval?
Moeed Yusuf has denied meeting Indian NSA Ajit Doval. When asked whether Doval had met with the head of the Pakistani army, General Qamar Bajwa, he twice refrained from answering. He said that if India is honest, Pakistan is also ready to move forward. When asked what role did third parties like the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia play in the ceasefire? To this, Yusuf asserted that I think India was under pressure.

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Will Pakistan recognize the Taliban government?
In this interview, Karan Thapar asked if Pakistan would recognize the Taliban government formed after the occupation of Afghanistan. To this, Yusuf said Pakistan will do what the rest of the world is doing. When asked if Pakistan would host the Taliban government? To which Yusuf first said no, he then said that there was no favorite for Pakistan and that it was up to the Afghan people to choose their government.

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India’s hand in the explosion in front of Hafiz Saeed’s house
The Pakistani NSA has claimed that Pakistan has strong evidence and intelligence to link the perpetrator and the mastermind of the recent explosion outside Hafiz Saeed’s residence. He added that we will release a public folder at the right time, which will contain all the information.

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