AK-47: Pakistani groom’s mother-in-law gave AK-47 wedding gift, people watch raging video – Pakistani groom receives AK-47 rifle as wedding gift from his mother-in-law, video viral

There is a lot of talk about the AK-47 given to the groom at a wedding ceremony in Pakistan. After video of the incident went viral on social media, people said this was the reason Pakistan remained the center of terrorism. In the video, which goes viral, a woman is seen giving AK-47 to the groom while sitting with his bride. After that one hears making noise with joy present there.

The groom’s mother-in-law offered the AK-47!
According to Pakistani media reports ARY News, the woman who presented the AK-47 at the wedding ceremony was the groom’s mother-in-law. The rifle he gave the groom was the Pakistani version of the AK-47. Which was manufactured illegally under license.

Dismissal is common in marriages
Violent shooting during marriages is common in most countries in South Asia, including Pakistan and India. Most licensees associate it with their reputation. However, there have been numerous cases in which people have also died during these shootings. Heavy shooting has been stopped on a large scale due to strict laws and strict police action in India, but in Pakistan it still continues indiscriminately.

Pakistani illegal arms market is worth billions of dollars
Pakistan’s illegal arms market is worth billions of dollars. There are many influential people in this kind of business. Whose scope is from government to senior army officers. 75% of the population of the village of Pass Adam Khel, in the Khyber Pakhtukhwa region, home state of Prime Minister Imran Khan, work in illegal arms factories. It is from here that arms are supplied to the Taliban and Pakistani terrorist organizations.

Angry people watching a video
After this video went viral, the general public got angry on social media. Prominent historian Irfan Habib tweeted and wrote that this is why Pakistan is a stronghold of terrorism.

Malala Yousafzai’s father also condemned
Adil Yousafzai, father of Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, tweeted that it was possibly the worst wedding gift.

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