Akash Ganga Mein Grahon By Jeevan: Life is possible on 300 million planets in the galaxy, water signs are possible: NASA – NASA says the Milky Way could have 300 million habitable planets

The US space agency NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope mission ended in 2018. In this mission, which lasted eight years before fuel ran out, 30 million of these planets were identified in our skies where the life could happen. Between 2009 and 2018, new exoplanets orbiting a star were attempted to be discovered.

‘Presence of water possible’
This telescope was looking for planets that are roughly the same distance from their star as Earth is from the sun. The update to the first analysis, published in the Astronomical Journal, seeks to understand how many of these planets are likely to have life. Researchers believe that at least half of stars like the sun orbit these planets on which water is possible.

Another assessment predicted that there would be decent living conditions on about 75 planets. To understand this, the planets whose temperature and light energy as well as the distance from the star have the right amount.

Still have conclusive results
Lead author of the study, Steve Bryson, released a statement, “Kepler once told us that billions of planets exist, but now he’s also saying that life can exist on many of them.” However, he said that this number is far from the final number and that the presence of water is one of the important factors. Despite this, it is encouraging in itself that these can be detected with such precision.

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