Alberto Garzón, ratified at the head of the Unitary Left

Posted: Sunday May 9, 2021 12:41 PM

The new federal coordinator of the Unitary Left (IU), the highest executive body of the party, ratified this Sunday Alberto Garzón at the head of the formation.

Thus, the current Minister of Consumer Affairs will continue to occupy the post of Federal Coordinator of the UI for the next four years.

The result of the vote, held at its first meeting after the results of the XII Federal Assembly at the end of March, was 104 votes in favor (87%), 15 against (13%) and no abstentions.

Subsequently, the structure of the new Federal Collegiate Commission was also ratified, whose composition and main objectives were detailed by Garzón, responsible for making the proposal for its composition before the vote. In this case, the result was 100 votes for (84%), 22 against (18%) and no abstentions.

During this meeting, the federal coordinator will also debate and vote on the report on the political situation, the presentation of which was also made by Garzón at the start of the session.

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