Alberto Martnez Lebea takes over the general management of Mutua Montaesa

The collaborating company of Social Security, Mutua Montaesa, which has experience in the sector of more than a century of life, dedicated to the management of the occupational health of companies and their protected workers, announced a strengthening in its Board of Directors upon the incorporation of Alberto Martnez Lebea as new CEO.

In his new role, Lebea replaces Rafael Fonseca Galn after his retirement, and seeks to follow the line of growth and consolidation of his predecessor.

Martnez Lebea is a telecommunications engineer graduated from the University of Cantabria. He also has a higher education in the field of business with an MBA (Master in Business Administration) from ESEUNE Business School, in addition to having training and knowledge in Big Data, Data Analytics and Commodity training.

With professional experience in renowned companies such as consultancy firm Accenture and multinational telecommunications company Ericsson, Alberto lands in Mutua Montaesa in the middle of the digital conversion project after 19 years as regional manager of Asturias and Cantabria of the German company Siemens, SA, in that its main role, in addition to supervision, was that of Account Manager.

In the words of the new CEO, he seeks to ” bring my management experience, joining a team of excellent professionals, with the aim of making Mutua Montaesa the benchmark entity in the sector. A challenge in my professional career, with the clear goal that drives us in the Mutual: a vocation of service and contribution to the improvement of the society in which we live. ”

Mutua Montaesa continues to be immersed in a process of total digital transformation which has been accelerated and reinforced by the latest events of the pandemic. In order to achieve a perfect homogeneity of services so that they reach their optimal level of efficiency and simplicity, the new CEO will play a crucial role in the project, for which he will put all his theoretical knowledge and experience to the company layout. in national and international technological projects.

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