Alcohol in space: viral photo of astronauts sneaking onto the ISS: astronaut party in space

It is said that even after lakhs of restrictions, alcohol drinkers break it, even when it comes to space. Something similar happened in 1997 when Russian astronaut Mir Space took brandy with him even after the ban on drinking alcohol and no one knew about it. Astronauts have adopted a unique method of transporting alcohol into space, which has now been revealed. Russian astronauts themselves have accepted it. Let’s see how Russian astronauts were able to take alcohol into space … (Photo: NASA photo goes viral)

This is how brandy reached the ISS

Russian astronauts admitted to bringing the brandy bottle to the space station in 1997. Space passengers hid the liquor in their special suits and called it a juice bottle. Not only that, he reduced the books that came with it and hid the liquor bottles in its place. According to Daily Mail information, an astronaut even hid a bottle of alcohol inside the bracelet attached to his wrist. This bracelet was used to measure blood pressure. Some passengers ate less food to reduce their weight so that a bottle of alcohol equal to the remaining weight could be carried in their spacesuits. The advantage of this was that the Russian astronauts reached the space station without seeing anyone, carrying the bottle of alcohol.

Daru’s party was held at the space station, the image went viral

A photo from the 1990s goes viral in which astronauts are seen performing a “ Koganac Party ” (brandy party) at the Mir Space Station. It was designed by NASA astronauts. The consumption of alcohol is officially prohibited in the space station because an element in it can cause significant damage to the equipment of the ethanol space station. Not only that, even while going to the bathroom, alcohol can cause a seizure. According to NASA, alcohol and its elements can damage the space station’s water collection system. Even products containing alcohol such as mouthwashes, hand sanitizers, and perfumes are prohibited on the space station. On the other hand, astronauts claimed that only a drop of alcohol in space keeps you calm and relieves stress. (Photo: drinking water from the ISS Astronaut)

Alcohol was included in the first ration

In 2010, former astronaut Alexander Lajutkin reported that initially alcohol products were included in astronaut rations. He claimed that doctors described the use of Koganac as beneficial in strengthening the immune system. However, the Russian space agency Roskosmos banned the use of alcohol and forced astronauts to take the place of alcohol on the space station. Astronaut Igor Volk said he and his other colleagues lost weight just before boarding the Salyut 7 spacecraft so the alcohol sachets could be hidden inside the unassuming space suit. Astronauts said that unlike Earth, alcohol helps you sleep quickly in space, and when you wake up asleep you feel refreshed the next day. (Symbolic image)

Astronauts lost weight this way for the sake of alcohol

Russian astronaut Volk said: “We didn’t eat anything before the launch. I only took bread and tea. As a result, we lost about two pounds. We stuffed the alcohol into a small cellphone bag and while we were wearing a spacesuit we hid those alcohol sachets inside. He said we removed the inside of a book so that a bottle of Cognac could be placed in its place. He said: “ It was a thick book where the emeralds could be removed and the alcohol could be kept in its place. We put a liter and a half of alcohol in its place. Most importantly, there was no thunderous sound inside the book. Another astronaut admitted that he carried several bottles of alcohol inside his suit. An astronaut has requested that alcohol also be allowed on the space station.

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