Alexei Navalny: Alexei Navalny health update Preparing for hospitalization in Russia: Alexey Navalny’s health preparations for worse hospitalization

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Preparations to release Alexi Navalny from prison and hospitalization have started Navalni, who was on strike, was gravely ill after being kicked out of Berlin last year for financial troubles
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s staunch opponent Alexei Navalny was suddenly released from prison and hospitalized. The Sputnik news agency said the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service announced his hospitalization. Two days ago, Navalni’s doctor claimed her health was deteriorating rapidly and she may have reached the brink of death.

Will be admitted to the prison hospital
The Russian government’s prison service, FSIN, said in a statement that Navalny was taken to a convict hospital in the Vladimir penal colony, about 180 km east of Moscow. Navalny was sentenced to prison by a Russian court in a money handling case. The government prison service said Navalni’s health was stable and there was no danger to his life.

Hunger strike worsens health
According to the statement, Navalni’s condition appears satisfactory and he has agreed to take vitamins. Navalny’s doctor Yaroslav Ashikhamin said on Saturday that the health check-up report his family had shown showed his heart rate may have stopped. In fact, Navalni experienced back pain and numb legs and was not allowed to see her doctors, and then she went on a hunger strike.

Russia resonates with the slogan ‘Putin is thief, resign …’ Public opinion in the streets in favor of Navalny
On August 20, Navalny received poison
Navalny, one of the outspoken opponents of Russian President Vladimir Putin, fell ill during a domestic flight on August 20 in Russia. Navalny was brought to Berlin by private air ambulance on August 22, two days after the sick Navaleni was airlifted under emergency conditions and treated at the Siberian hospital in Omsak. Subsequent investigations by the Organization for the Disarmament of Chemical Weapons revealed that Navalny had been poisoned by the Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok.

How was the poison administered to Vladimir Putin’s opponent Alexi Navalny? Full article published
The poison Novichok is 50 years old
Novichok is the nerve agent of the Soviet Union. The Russian intelligence agency is said to have used it to easily kill its large prey. It was built in the 1960s to 1970s. The poison was created as part of Russia’s fourth generation program to develop the chemical poison. The world did not know about this nerve agent until 1990. Russian scientist Dr. Will Mirzanov wrote about this poison in his book State Secrets.

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