Alicante inventor creates ‘antiCOVID’ lift for safe travel during pandemic

Posted: Saturday, November 14, 2020 10:59 a.m.

An elevator patented by an inventor from Dénia (Alicante) eliminates all traces of COVID-19 from aerial and lifting surfaces thanks to the use of ultraviolet rays once the cabin has stopped and without occupants. In an interview with EFE, the inventor, José Roig, said that airborne aerosol transmission should redefine the strategy for preventing covid-19, especially in public spaces, such as a non-ventilated place like the elevator.

Roig is the manager of a leading company in the design, manufacture and installation of machines for processing nuts which, faced with the confusion and the cessation of activity with the arrival of the health crisis in March , wondered what could be different between Spain and other countries where fewer people have been infected with the virus.

And in the search for answers, he discovered the curious fact that Spain is the country with the most elevators per capita in the world: “We have more than a million elevators”, underlined Roig, on the database of the Spanish Federation of Elevator Manufacturers. (FEEDA), a higher rate than countries like Germany or the United States.

Based on this idea, the 45-year-old inventor developed a prototype of an “anti-covid” elevator with the technology already used in his company in the agri-food sector, based on pasteurization which eliminates pathogens using ultraviolet rays. Over four generations, the Borrell family from Dénia (to which it belongs) has added 40 patents related to the technology they use for all types of nuts, and his heir, José Roig, has 14 patents to his name, plus four others pending.

Since the prevalence of infections in poorly ventilated spaces, such as elevators, is no longer discussed, Roig’s patent uses around 200 or 220 nanometers of ultraviolet light to disinfect the elevator safely and “in less time. ‘one minute”. The prototype also includes a locking mechanism that closes the doors and triggers an alarm message if it detects that there are more users than recommended to get on or off, to ensure some social distance.

This smart elevator could be especially suitable for hospitals and schools, in addition to private homes and even areas for common use, such as hallways or public transport. For the treatment of this patent, Roig took advantage of the plan to support inventors “Patents against the pandemic”, promoted by the Ibidem law firm in Elche (Alicante).

For the inventor of Alicante, there are many creative people in our country, as we have seen in these times of pandemic, who nevertheless suffer from many difficulties from a fiscal and management point of view, in addition to the problems of funding and lack of investment.

“The important thing is not the number of patents in a country but rather those which are developed and are able to reach the market”, he added. The author of the patent concluded that although Spain has the image of a country only of services and tourism, it is important to point out that there are very powerful industrial zones that are sold all over the world. but that “they need simpler aids and regulations”.

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