alien british woman kidnapped: british woman claims aliens kidnapped in ufo 50 times evidence provided – british woman paula smith claims she was abducted by aliens in ufo shows evidence

It has often been claimed that aliens exist in the universe and often come to Earth. Meanwhile, a British woman, Paula Smith, claimed that aliens abducted her 50 times while she was sitting in a UFO. Not only that, Paula also provided plenty of evidence to support this claim. Paula, from the Bradford area, said her first encounter with aliens was when she was a young child.

Paula said that after the incident in her childhood, aliens have kidnapped her 50 times so far. Paula, who saw 50 sources of life, also showed photos of scars on her body. He claims the aliens once made this mark on his body during a kidnapping. He photographed an alien on paper and said it looked like this.

Paula said: “I have experienced 52 extraterrestrial events. No warning was given and I didn’t have a feeling that something was going to happen. It happened suddenly. I just took it as usual and otherwise I would go crazy. They claimed they were taken inside UFOs. He said I was in a spaceship and the aliens showed him technology that we don’t have.

The British woman said the aliens showed her a slideshow that made me feel like it was a movie that shows human greed has destroyed the earth. Paula, who works in the transportation department, claimed that on her return to Earth there were marks on her face and hands. He said that in 1982 he saw the spacecraft for the first time.

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