Alien Invasion: Alien UFO Attack on Earth: Alien UFO Attack on Earth

Whether there is life elsewhere in the universe than Earth, the answer to this question has not yet been received, but according to a UFO expert, if aliens attack Earth, humans will not be able to find each other. stand in front of them. According to them, they will destroy the earth because their weapons will be more advanced than ours. Not only advanced, their technology will magically be for us.

reality different from sci-fi
According to Nick Pope, who investigates UFOs (unidentified flying objects) for the US Department of Defense, alien weapon technology will be billions of years away from us. According to him, although it is shown in science fiction films that strange aliens become weak in front of humans, but in reality their weapons will be like magic to us.

7ft long aliens will land on earth, war will break out, sensation due to time traveler claim
no way to escape
Pope says if we think that suddenly we’ll find a way to react after an alien attack, then that’s wrong. He says, “The universe is 14 billion years old and there may be civilizations that are a billion years older than us. We have gone from using horses and carriages in 200-300 years to crossing oceans on ships, to stealth hunters, to space probes and to today’s smartphones in terms of technology. In such a situation, how much more advanced will the civilization which is billions of years ahead of us be? “

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Why this doubt?
The Pope says it is difficult for only 20-30 years of advanced civilization to reach us here. They could be at least millions or even billions of years ahead and their technology would be magic for us. They say we have space programs, but apart from the sun, it will also take us 75,000 years to reach the nearest star. In such a situation, if someone comes to us, then their technology will be so advanced that they must have invented interstellar travel.

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