Alien News: Aliens can observe Earth for 5,000 years using telescope from Milky Way

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Aliens may have observed Earth in the past 5,000 years, research shows these aliens can listen to our old radio show Scientists have identified at least 29 of these possible locations in the Washington Universe
There is a heated debate around the world about the existence of extraterrestrials. A report in this regard is also coming very soon to America. Now, recent research has claimed that aliens may have been observing earth for the past 5,000 years. Not only that, these aliens can listen to our old radio broadcasts. Scientists have identified at least 29 possible locations in the universe from where aliens can monitor us using telescopes.

Researchers have created a map of our galaxy’s solar system where aliens could be life. From these places, like the Earth, using a telescope, the Earth can be monitored. Scientists have said that there are 2,034 stars at a distance of about 326 light years from Earth and that some of these stars could reach our radio signals. Some of these stars must have observed us earlier, but now their process must have stopped.

Satellite mapped our galaxy
One of them could be the Trappist-1 system which is 45 light years away and which could have seven hilly and water-filled planets like the Earth. Of these, 4 can be accommodated. They will now reach a place where they can see us for 1642 years. Professor Lisa Kaltenegger of Cornell University in New York, who carried out this research, said: “From their perspective, we are aliens. We wanted to know which star is best placed to see the earth because it blocks the sun’s rays.

Professor Lisa said: “In our dynamic universe, as the stars move, this practical position keeps changing. He said that with such stars which are in a comfortable position, life can be sought upon them. This research is based on data from the Gaia satellite of the European Space Agency. This satellite mapped our galaxy. There are about 75 such stars that can hear the sound of our radio station, which began broadcasting in space a century ago.

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