Alien News: British Woman Abbie Bela Says She Fell In Love With Alien After Better Than Terran UFO Abduction

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The world still debates the existence of aliens but a woman claims to be in love with Thilon
The world is still debating the existence of aliens, but a British woman claimed she fell in love with an alien. Abbi Bella claimed that aliens took her from her bed through a UFO. Actress Abby Bella has claimed she encountered aliens during this time. He also said that aliens are better than men on earth.

According to the Daily Star report, Abbi claimed this month that she was abducted by aliens. She said the aliens she gave her heart to were from the Andromeda Galaxy and that she can’t wait to find her lover. Abbi said: ‘I am disgusted with the people of the earth. I joked online that I wanted aliens to kidnap me.
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“The bright green light took me inside the UFO”
He said, ‘After that, I started dreaming of a white light every night. One night in my dream, my voice said to wait in a common place. The next evening I was sitting in my room with the window open. I was about to sleep when a flying saucer appeared outside. After that, a bright green light took me inside the UFO. ‘

Abbi claimed that there were 5 aliens inside the UFO and one of them was like a human. Even though he was very tall and thin. He said: ‘There was an alien there who spoke to me. I felt like this. He said I needed permission to take you but I didn’t want to say yes because he shouldn’t take me forever. She said she returned home in east London after around 20 minutes. She now keeps her bag ready every night and says, “I hope he comes back. I want to go to the Andromeda galaxy.

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