“All media are accurate”

Posted: Thursday November 19 2020 11:21

“All supports are needed at a time when we must unite to protect lives and jobs and to recover our economy.” This is one of the messages that Pedro Sánchez sends to the PSOE activism in a letter to which laSexta had access.

In the four-page letter, which follows the controversy over EH Bildu’s support for general state budgets (PGE), the Prime Minister also accuses the opposition of diverting attention “to artificial controversies and fabricated information ”. .

“Budgets are so essential and their orientation is so unmistakable that opponents of the progressive government avoid talking about it and divert attention to artificial controversies and fabricated information. This is precisely one of the three rules applied by the government. reactionary populism, “he says in his letter, which you can read in full a few lines below.

In this sense, Sánchez regrets that “the social advances implied by the new budgets occupy little place in the public debate”, while “the attention is diverted to questions of the past, such as the fight against terrorism, which is ‘have nothing to do with budgets or Fortunately, they have been part of Spain’s and Spaniards’ problems for years. ”

A few words that come after the criticisms have come not only from the opposition, but within the party itself, in support of the national accounts formation. Guillermo Fernández Vara, Emiliano García Page or Susana Díaz spoke on this, as well as historical leaders of the PSOE such as Alfonso Guerra and the former president of Extremadura Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ibarra.

“This does not exclude anyone”

In the same letter, the Prime Minister underlines the “parliamentary support” to his executive. Support, it affects, which includes the alliance with United We Can “but which intends to extend as much as possible and does not exclude anyone because all the support is necessary” at the moment.

It also stresses the need for “progressive and national” budgets to mobilize national resources and European funds to fight the coronavirus crisis. Thus, the secretary general of the PSOE advocates “budgets from the largest possible union”. “We need the greatest support possible to face the biggest crisis of our life,” he says.

The president also recalls that the PGE project has already removed the “first obstacle” towards its promulgation, after the rejection of the amendments in their entirety in Congress. “Spain needs these budgets”, insists Sánchez, who defends these accounts as “an exceptional response to the height of the challenge we are facing”.

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