“All our initiatives are part of the 360 ​​well-being model”

Aon receives its award as first access to the 7th HR Digital Health and Company Award: “All of our initiatives are framed in the 360 ​​wellness model”

Just a few weeks ago, the verdict of the 7th RRHHDigital Health and Company Award was announced, a competition that recognizes best practices in occupational health and employee care. In it, the professional services firm Aon obtained the first accreditation because its project was among the best evaluated by the jury. In fact, only Securitas Direct finished first in a close vote of the members of the award decision committee.

Last week access was delivered to Aon, which took place at the company’s headquarters under strict security measures and protocols. Unlike in previous years, the pandemic did not allow a face-to-face event to be held, so that the presentation of the various prizes will take place at the headquarters of recognized companies, as was done in Aon, through a official ceremony with all the necessary health and safety guarantees.

A committee of people made up of the organizing company, RRHHDigitalas such as deGympass, Gi GroupyCigna, sponsors of this seventh edition of the RRHHDigital Health and Company Award, went to the headquarters of Aonen Madrid to perform the delivery ceremony.

More specifically, the commission was composed of José Luis Talln, general manager of Ediciones Digitales Siglo 21 (publishing house of the mediaRRHHDigital), Federico de Vicente, CEO of GympassIberia, Victoria Olalla, head of national accounts of the Gi group, and Pablo Lpez Eskes, Director of Key Accounts at Cigna, were in charge of the award ceremony. On behalf of the winning company, Lucila Castaeira, Talent Director of Aon, received the award.

FromRRHHDigital we were able to speak with Lucila as the main manager of the employee health and care project presented in the competition, who tells us what were the main points of the project and how the different situations that the coronavirus pandemic caused were adapted, both in front of your staff and your customers.

The 7th Health and Business Prize will be possible without the support of our sponsors Gi Group, Cigna, Gympass and BMW Madrid. In this seventh edition, 78 companies presented their projects, with Securitas Direct winning followed by Aon and ALD Automotive. From these lines, we would like to thank the participating companies and the sponsors for their support and participation.

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