all the keys to the TV show ‘Coffee Break’

Worker’s Compensation Consolidated As Trend In HR Industry: All Keys To ‘Coffee Break’ TV Show

The TV show “Coffee Break” returns for an additional week to address the latest trends in the human resources industry. Our program is now dedicated to compensation and benefit plans, as they have become a strategic tool for companies to compensate and recognize the effort of their employees in this time of crisis at all levels. Indeed, today, pension plans, the guard check or even the possibility of teleworking are other star advantages which are not lacking in the compensation plans of the industrial accidents of the large companies.

The compensation and benefits area has positioned itself as a key employer brand when it comes to keeping employees happy and enamored with our employer brand, and that is what we are focusing on here. new TV opus ‘Coffee Break’.

To analyze the trends in compensation plans, we have one of the main managers of the Compensation and Benefits area of ​​Cepsa and, also, one of the protagonists of the 1st Labor Compensation Awards at the head of the winning project: Rafael Venegas, Employee Manager of Cepsa social benefits. With him, we spoke about how the perspective of workers’ compensation has changed in recent years and how the importance of employee benefits has grown when it comes to managing talents.

It is already a reality that the field of labor compensation has undergone an evolution due to a change in mentality compared to past generations. From now on, companies and employees value conditions such as salary or a schedule traditionally called “ office ” to a lesser extent, and advantages such as flexible hours, the right restaurant, the right gym take on great importance. To assess this lead, we took ‘A coffee with… ”Carlos Delgado, Chairman and CEO of Compensa Capital Humano.

To top it off, like every week, we will analyze all the news from the world of work, we will see the best moments of the ‘I Labor Compensation Awards’ gala which was held last Wednesday at EY headquarters and we will hear the reviews. of our viewers through the section “On the radar”, announcing the question of the week and reviewing the most commented on social networks.

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