All the news that came to Microsoft Teams in June

The coronavirus crisis, and the social distancing it has brought about, has made us completely change the way we work and relate to the rest of the world. And that’s why the vast majority of meetings have stopped being face-to-face and become virtual. And today we’re going to go over all the news gathered from the tech community of those in Redmond who reached Microsoft Teams in June.

Conversations always visible thanks to bubble chats

In this context, Redmonds continued to introduce features in Microsoft Teams to improve the experience both in meetings and in webinars. Here, Microsoft has introduced bubble chats in its app, which facilitate written communication by displaying all text messages posted during the meeting in the center of the screen. In this way, we will always have in view on our screen all the written messages that take place without losing the center of attention.

Feature multiple users in a meeting

Another novelty that has come to the app this June is the ability to highlight up to seven participants at the same time in a meeting. A substantial improvement considering the fact that until now participants could pin multiple participants in their own perspective, but only one could stand out.

To highlight more than one participant, we will only have to click on the context menu of the second participant that we want to highlight and click on highlight. A process that we can repeat until we have a total of seven outstanding participants.

Lower all hands at once

In meetings through these types of platforms, it is essential to keep order. Otherwise everyone ends up talking and the meetings become a complete chaos impossible to follow. And that’s where a basic function comes into play, like raising your hand, which allows you to ask for a turn without having to interrupt the speaker who is currently speaking.

However, it is not uncommon for many users after a topic to choose to raise their hand to request the floor. Now, with the latest updates from Microsoft Teams, meeting planners and presenters will be able to lower all hands with just one click without having to lower them one by one.

Assistance panel

Automation is one of the advantages offered by these types of applications. For this reason, Microsoft Teams will now make it much easier for us to control webinar participation. And is that once a meeting is finished, the organizers will be able to generate a report that shows how many registered users attended the meeting, and even if they participated in whole or in part. A function that we can access from the Presence tab in the meeting details.

Track webinar attendees with Dynamics 365

In Microsoft Teams, most of Redmond’s services are clustered together and Dynamics 365 couldn’t be left out. Thus, thanks to its integration, once a webinar is over, organizers will be able to access the presence tab and export all the data to Dynamics 365 Marketing. Something that will allow us to carry out a personalized follow-up for each of the seminar participants.

Write and point with a laser pointer in PowerPoint

Laser pointers have been indispensable in traditional meetings. A very useful tool for interacting with participants, improving attention or clarifying certain aspects. This is why the company headed by Satya Nadella wanted PowerPoint Live, integrated into Microsoft Teams, to allow us to point or make annotations with our mouse or our stylus on the different slides to facilitate their follow-up.

Share device audio on iOS and Android

While this feature has been available for a long time on PC, we can now share audio across Android and iOS devices during meetings in Teams. An option that allows you to share a video with voiceover and music without the annoying echoes or synchronization issues.

To access this function, we will only have to tap on More actions and on the Share with audio screen. Although in order to be able to use it it is necessary to have a device with Android 10 or higher or iOS 13 or higher. What do you think of this news from Microsoft Teams?

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