Allianz focuses on the well-being of its employees through yoga

Allianz Seguros and yoga guru and wellness expert Xuan Lan are joining forces to reinforce the importance of wellness and health in all areas, factors that have become vitally important in a small pandemic. With this collaboration agreement, the company wishes to continue promoting changes that improve people’s lives and strengthen its commitment and commitment to the well-being of all, people and our planet, as part of #Leave usSupport .

“If we have learned anything from the pandemic, it is the need to find a body-mind balance. Unfortunately, problems such as stress, anxiety or fatigue have become common for many people, ”explains Gisela Subir, deputy general manager of human resources, legal and compliance advisor. “We have placed particular emphasis on taking charge of the health, not only physical, but also emotional, of our employees. With the collaboration with Xuan Lan we want to go further and be at the side of the whole society to help them find well-being, with activities that help them physically and emotionally ”, adds the deputy general manager, who shared yoga exercises with the wellness expert when signing the convention.

Xuan Lan disseminates the knowledge and practice of yoga in a simple and accessible way to all through his books, face-to-face classes, lectures, mass events and videos. This yoga expert has over 1.5 million followers on YouTube and 610,000 on Instagram offers weekly yoga and meditation videos for all skill levels. Xuan Lan and Allianz will jointly develop different actions and activities that transfer the importance of well-being to the whole of society.

Commitment to well-being

The importance of the psychological dimension of health and quality of life at work for Allianz is reflected not only in the #LeaveApoyarte project, but also internally in the Work Well program, the aim of which is to ensure the well-being of employees. This global program has recently been strengthened with new initiatives such as psychological support for employees and their families in the face of the emotional effects that the pandemic is causing on the population, and the Allianz Wellness Club. It’s a dynamic space where staff can share sports activities with online group classes guided by professional coaches and webinars focused on healthy activities that contribute to self-care. The aim is to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of employees.

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