Allianz Partners appoints Marta Artieda as new director of the EFR certificate

The standards of the MsFamilia Foundation, issuer of the EFR certificate, place Allianz Partners as a benchmark company committed to its employees and a good employer.

BY RRHHDigital, 5:30 pm – February 03, 2021

Allianz Partners is part of the network of EFR (Family Responsible Company) certified companies, issued by the MsFamilia Foundation. This certificate rewards companies that promote and lead practices in professional, family and personal reconciliation, flexibility, innovation and, consequently, improvement of the quality of life of employees and their families.

The current Director of Human Resources, Marta Artieda, will also be the main responsible within the company for monitoring the development of the EFR model, the results of audits and self-assessment, as well as the provision of financial and human resources required. Implementation. EFR’s commitment also involves continuous communication with the entire organization and employees to make known and promote the values ​​and objectives of Allianz Partners in this area.

The EFR certification positions Allianz Partners as a benchmark company committed to its employees, as well as a good employer, thanks to the continuous improvement system it requires from the company. Allianz Partners, which obtained this certificate in 2011, has increased the measures implemented and related to family reconciliation, health, financial assistance and flexible compensation of employees from 54 to 94 today. In order to obtain this certification and its subsequent renewal, the organization has demonstrated through exhaustive audits its constant commitment, which must now be revalidated in 2021, increasing its level of involvement at level B as a proactive company in the measures of conciliation.

“The current situation caused by COVID-19 constitutes a difficult environment, in which the engagement of organizations, when responding to new needs, becomes even more important. At Allianz Partners, we have been betting for years on flexibility and personalization of the working relationship and the relocation of space-time, which facilitated our almost immediate adaptation to this new work scenario ”, emphasizes Marta Artieda.

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