Allianz Partners dismantles stereotypes ?? on the occasion of the International Day for Tolerance

Allianz Partners dismantles stereotypes ?? on the occasion of the International Day for Tolerance

Non-European migrants represent 7% of the total population in Spain, which underlines the discrimination they suffer daily in terms of employability. According to the 2020 Caritas report “Un arraigo en el wire”, only 75% of immigrants have basic and precarious jobs, and their income level is 46% below the average income of Spaniards.

Today, International Day for Tolerance, Allianz Partners joins in the commitment to respect, accept and appreciate the rich cultural diversity of our world, sharing the campaign “ Dismantle stereotypes ” to which company employees participated to gain widespread generalizations in Spain about their own countries and cultures.

“When we talk about these issues, we are basing ourselves on our own experiences, and each of us may have a different view and be confronted with stereotypes that have been created around us. It is not always easy to put an end to these ideas which can harm our relations ”, explains Claudia Moita, Portuguese collaborator of Allianz Partners who took part in the campaign with 6 other colleagues of different nationalities.


Allianz Partners, a company committed to diversity, tolerance and multiculturalism, has 26 different nationalities on its team. 11.5% of the company’s employees come from foreign countries, among which Venezuela, Romania, Italy and Colombia stand out for their number. This cultural richness allows Allianz Partners to offer quality assistance to its clients in more than 20 languages, the most common being English, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian and Polish.

Internally, the company’s employee well-being sector maintains its program of initiatives, in line with its own annual commitments. On May 21, on the occasion of the International Day for Cultural Diversity, an internal campaign was developed in which the involvement of employees was essential to share the customs and characteristics typical of their country of origin. From now on, through this new initiative, the company seeks to strengthen its integrative character, which it will also complement with workshops on Tolerance, where the positive effect of diversity at work will be accentuated.

“In our company, there is no room for intolerance. Stereotypes are unfounded perceptions that seriously undermine intercultural understanding. At Allianz Partners, we are fortunate to have collaborators of a multitude of nationalities, which allows us to offer the best service to our clients, whatever the language they speak or their cultural particularities ”, declares Beatriz Toribio, responsible for CSR at Allianz Les Partenaires.

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