allows you to manage and verify PCR and vaccination documentation

Publication: Saturday April 10, 2021 2:42 PM

The beginnings of the health passport are in “test mode” on a flight. More precisely, in that of the plane which took off from Madrid and which landed this Saturday in Montevideo, and which became the first to implement the health passport of the International Air Transport Association.

“It will not be compulsory for our customers. It is just one more way to facilitate this process, they will be able to continue to go to the airport with paper certificates”, explained Gabriel Perdiguero, Director of Customers and Systems from Iberia. Thus, “Travell Pass” is an application that stores, manages and certifies the documentation required by different countries for travel, from PCR certificates to vaccination.

According to José Luis Esteve, member of the Professional Travel Union, it is “a global application that guarantees health security”. Assessment added by Carlos Garrido de la Cierva, member of the Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies: “It is a question of facilitating the work of the new requirements that will be requested to travel.”

Uruguay was the chosen destination to launch this application because it is one of the Latin American countries with the most biometric passports. “This will allow the processes to be faster, and thus we will regain people’s trust to fly again,” said Gabriel Gándara, President of the Airlines Association.

But important: only tests from laboratories with official certification will be included here to perform the tests. “It includes collaborating laboratories that allow this process to be carried out digitally and securely,” added Perdiguero. Only passengers who are traveling can access the link to download it.

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