almost half a million doses in a single day

Publication: Thursday April 29, 2021 9:04 PM

Thanks to the increase in the vaccination rate, which the Minister of Health called “cruising speed”, Spain reached a new record on the last day, administering a total of 481,910 doses in 24 hours. According to data provided by the Ministry of Health, 9.3% of the population is already immune to the coronavirus.

And the pace, announces the government, does not plan to drop. According to Carolina Darias, of those who have arrived and those to come, “this quarter we will receive more than 40 million doses”. For this reason, the health official insisted that the strategy of advance vaccine purchase with the European Union “has been a great success” and allows the injections to arrive on time.

In addition, this rate will allow that next week there will already be “5 million people vaccinated with the second full dose”, and this could be achieved, explained Darias, with the target of 70% of the vaccinated population of here at the end of August. .

People with one dose and full regimen

A total of 15,859,772 vaccines are being administered in the country thanks to the surge on the last day. In addition, almost a quarter of Spaniards, or 24.3%, have already received at least one puncture of one of the four vaccines provided to the government, more precisely 11,520,146 citizens.

With the full guideline, there are already 4,413,784 people, a figure that has exceeded the threshold of 9% of the protected population by three tenths. Most are already immune to the disease with Pfizer / BionTech sera (3,998,356), while 341,009 have been immunized with Moderna, 74,158 with Janssen (without the need for a second dose) and only 261 with AstraZenca due to from stopping the application of the second dose. doses not yet resolved.

Vaccination by age group

By age group, 84.9% of people over 80 have the full diet and 100% have received at least one vaccine. Between the ages of 70 and 79, the group that had been the furthest behind so far, progress was made in vaccination, reaching 10.1% with double doses. 5.6% of Spaniards aged 60 to 69 also have a second puncture and almost 50% have received at least one serum.

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