Also know these special faces from Joe Biden’s cabinet

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Antony Blinken has been appointed Secretary of State in Joe Biden’s cabinet. Havik Alejandro Mayorkas has been appointed secretary for internal security. Alejandro Obama-Biden served as Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security for the term. National intelligence was appointed to Washington
Newly-elected US President Joe Biden announced key names in his cabinet on Monday. Antony Blinken, who served as deputy secretary during Obama and Biden’s tenure, has been appointed foreign minister. At the same time, lawyer Alejandro Mayorkas was appointed Secretary of Internal Security. Alejandro served as Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security during Obama-Biden’s tenure.

Avril Haynes was appointed director of national intelligence for Biden’s tenure. Avril held various positions for Biden for over a decade. Haynes would be the first woman to be nominated for the post. Biden chose the name of Linda Thomas-Greenfield as ambassador for the United Nations. Joe Biden has appointed Jake Sullivan as National Security Advisor. At the same time, Biden announced the appointment of former Secretary of State John Kerry as the President’s Special Envoy for Climate. Kerry will be the first officer to hold this post on the National Security Council.

Mala Adiga gets this responsibility
Carlos Elihondo, who was Jill Biden’s social secretary in the Obama administration, will continue to hold the same post. Mala Adiga will be Jill’s policy director. Her job will be to set Jill’s priorities as first lady. She previously served as Director of Higher Education and Military Families at the Biden Foundation. He was also an advisor to Jill Biden in the Obama administration.

‘Proud to announce this team’
Announcing the team, Biden said, “I am proud to announce the names of other members of my team who will make changes in tough times in America.” The dedication to overcoming the challenges facing our country comes from their diverse backgrounds and experiences. They will serve the American people and help create a better, more just, and united country.

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