Another Tron Super Representative has been elected, Justin Sun announces the name 17733
Pinaz Kazi
Jul 5, 2018 at 5:21 PM

Tron Super Representative election started on June 26 and since then three candidates have been selected. Just an hour ago, Tron founder Justin Sun announced that Lianjinshu has been selected as one of the 27 seats.

According to their Medium post, the team has more than 50 employees and they have developed and operated a variety of Internet influential Product. They are currently committed to building industry aggregate media — Lianjinshu, a blockchain information platform with insightful information, and is committed to the development and promotion of the blockchain industry.

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On July 4, Sun mentioned that Skypeople took one of the 27 seats of the Super Representative with a high vote. SkyPeople developer of “Final Blade” published by NCsoft is getting ready to take over Pokémon Go. It currently occupies the second spot in the sales rank on Korean Market. Moreover, Final Blade is currently leading Taiwan as far as game content is concerned. Reportedly, SkyPeople aims to launch a new type of game service in conjunction with the next generation blockchain.

The first elected Super Representative was CryptoDiva. CryptoDiva is the leading blockchain capital group in the world. It is based on the CryptoDiva Foundation and offers financial services for the blockchain capital market. Ali, a young bestseller writer, who was a lecturer and trainer of New Oriental Group was the co-founder of CryptoDiva. He was also the president of Peking University English Association. On the other hand, Skypeople is a gaming company that is based in South Korea.

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The 27 elected super representatives will be playing a major role in the governance structure of the firm. They’ll be representing the people’s will and they’ll be acting as guardians of the Tron network. Currently, Tron cryptocurrency TRX is trading at $0.038, with a market cap of $2,518 billion. In the last 24 hours, it went down by 5.01%.

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