EOS (EOS): Cypherglass announces $100K bounty for EOS development for Trezor and Ledger 14728
Pinaz Kazi
Jun 14, 2018 at 5:13 PM

For EOS (EOS) development for Trezor and Ledger Nano S, Cypherglass recently announced that it’s offering a $100k bounty. The announcement of the big bounty was done on a video and it was released by Cypherglass.

Ledger and Trezor are most popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets in the market but aren’t compatible with EOS tokens, the video explained. It means that user cannot store those tokens securely in a hardware wallet. The video by Cypherglass, known as one of the EOS block producer candidates asks the viewers “But what if you could that?”. Reportedly, the bounty will be in two separate $50,000 USD bounties. Each for each of the hardware wallets.

The problem apparently came up as the EOSIO version was released in June. It is not supported by these wallets which is why company decided to find a quick solution to it, BitcoinExchangeGuide reported. Company’s CEO has mentioned that the opportunity is exciting. The company also made a partnership with DataBank with the aim to make the enterprise fully scalable. Currently, Crypherglass is one of the top 20 block producers of the EOS community. Even the community on the reddit seemed to be excited with the new bounty.
On the other hand, world's best cryptocurrency exchange for altcoins, Binance recently announced that they will honour and support #EOS airdrops for DAC, EON and IQ.

EOS to go live soon

Meanwhile, EOS is struggling to go live after its successful launch. They need 15% of tokens to vote for one producer to make the project go ahead. Till Wednesday they gathered only 6% of the votes. However, there was an increase in the votes and it went up to 9% in just one day. With this pace, it seems that it will easily go live in a few days.

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