Tron (TRX): More than 25 exchanges are supporting TRX migration, Justin Sun confirms 14697
Pinaz Kazi
Jun 14, 2018 at 12:43 PM

Tron (TRX) launched its MainNet – Odyssey 2.0 on May 31 after months of wait and wondering what consequences the change might have. It has already been two weeks and now it’s time for its token migration.

Migration from ERC20 TRX to Mainnet TRX is scheduled to take place between June 21 to June 25 (GMT+8). In a recent tweet, Justin Sun mentioned that more than 25 exchanges are supporting the TRX migration on June 24. Well, if your TRX is held on in an exchange, you don’t need to do anything about. However, if your TRX is in the wallet, before June 24 you should deposit it to an exchange to avoid any losses. TRX withdrawals will be suspended from June 21 to June 25. On June 25, deposits will also be suspended. Both deposits and withdrawals will start on June 26. During this time period, the TRX trading will not be affected.

Exchanges supporting Tron (TRX) migration

According to Tron’s official site, the exchanges that are supporting the TRX migration include Bitbns, Bit-Z, Bibox, Binance, LBank, Bitfinex, BitoPro, BitForex, Bitthumb, Bitkop, Bittrex, Bixin, Bitpie, Coinegg, Liqui, Coinnest, Coinrain, Cointiger, Dragronex,, Huobi, OEX, Okex, OTCBTC, RightBTC, Upbit and Zebpay.

What to do if you miss the deadline?

If you miss the deadline for the token migration (June 25), will you lose it all? No, if your TRX is left in the wallet post the deadline, just visit permanent token-exchange counter. They’ll exchange your tokens for Mainnet TRX.

Currently, Tron’s global rank is 10, with a total market cap of $4.276 billion, price at $0.043. Currently, it is looking forward to its Super Representative election is about to happen on June 26. Meanwhile, founder Justin Sun recently tweeted something like survey results for the reasons that drive interest in cryptocurrency. The survey results showed that the Tron enthusiasts invest in the cryptocurrency for creating a better world. In the survey, it showed that 42 % of the people chose the option of creating a better world over others. In fact, only 10 % voted for the option ‘Just to make money’.

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