What could be the secret project of Tron? 17889
Pinaz Kazi
Jul 8, 2018 at 1:00 AM

Tron keeps the community on its toes with their non-stop events. After the MainNet launch, Tron had a successful token migration which ended on June 25, followed by which was the Super Representative election.

Though they have mostly wrapped up with their major events, Tron founder, Justin Sun has kept the curiosity buzzing in the community by mentioning about a ‘secret project’, the details of which is to be announced on July 30. The hints have been pretty diluted. However, the hype that’s being built up made the crypto community come up with various theories.

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One of the most common theories is, the secret project has got to do something with BitTorrent. For those aren’t aware, Sun officially bought the leading software company, as announced early June. However, the theory might remain a theory since BitTorrent officially announced some time ago that the company is not planning on changing anything in their business infrastructure any time soon.

So, if that’s not the ‘secret project’, what else can it be? Well, theories suggest the blockchain might be preparing to announce some strategic partnership that might play a major role in presenting Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) which is soon to be released.

In fact, some believe the secret project has something to do with the launching of TVM, since it has the potential of making TRX the top platform for smart contract operations. Also, it makes sense because the Tron Virtual Machine was released on the day Justin Sun announced about the secret project.

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Well, these are all theories and the community would get to know what the secret project of Tron actually is, on July 30. Till then, we can wait for some solid hints or keep guessing. Currently Tron token, TRX is at number 12, according to CoinMarketCap and is trading at $0.036 with market cap of $2.39 billion. In the last 24 hours, the price went up by 0.22 %.

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