Álvarez-Cascos will be tried for embezzlement for invoicing Foro Asturias 5,500 euros for video games, travel and hotels


Posted: Monday May 31, 2021 2:53 PM

The head of the investigating court No. 2 of Oviedo proposed to try the former vice-president of the government with the PP and former president of Asturias, Francisco Álvarez-Cascos, for an alleged crime of embezzlement of his Foro Asturias (FAC) who allegedly charged more than 5,000 euros for hotel rooms, video games or museum tickets.

The judge thus follows the criteria of the prosecution, which in its report quantified that between May 15, 2011 and October 16, 2017, Álvarez-Cascos used his post of president and secretary general of the party he founded after having abandoned the PP. and insufficient training cost control system to bill hotel, travel, food or video game bills.

In a car to which laSexta had access, the judge considers that “allegedly showing Mr. lvarez-Cascos Fernández absolute control over the activity and decisions of the party and using his organic position within the party to dispose of funds and economic resources held by the Forum for purposes unrelated to political activity, in the case of personal expenses; therefore, presumably, between the period between 05/15/2011 and 10/16/17 and use of his status as President and then Secretary General and, of the inexistence of an insufficient expenditure control system within the Foro Ciudadanos party, to charge to the party’s accounts personal expenses unrelated to his political activity and therefore without relationship with the activity and interest of the party ”.

The justifications for the investigation also seemed insufficient, in the opinion of the prosecution, and although he was initially accused of higher expenses, they are still not “logical, acceptable and incidental to political activity”. The Forum’s complaint, carried out after an external audit, attributed to Álvarez-Cascos the commission of unjustified expenses on his behalf and that of his family estimated at 1.2 million.

In a report of February 9, the public prosecutor concluded that there were expenses which could be considered as justified by the professional activity of Álvarez-Cascos. Among them, the collection of his salary, conferences, the expenses of the driver, the vehicle, the personal secretary, the personal loan received (and returned), the rental of a business center in Madrid for the party or many expenses which apparently could be classified as of a personal nature but which appeared to be linked to his political activity.

These are expenses that the Office of the Prosecutor considers to be undue:

Lawyer fees for a previous political issue related to another political party and lawyer for a personal matter Psychotechnical shoes Fee for four trips to the city of La Coruña and hotel and food costs Your father-in-law’s hotel Food orders à Private address and last names. Video games console. Four tickets for the AVE train for your children. Five tickets for the Davis Cup, two tickets for the Thyssen Museum and two tickets for the Prado Museum. Full bed, consisting of mattress, legs and sofa. Restaurant fees in resorts and burgers.

After his departure from the Popular Party in 2011, Álvarez-Cascos promoted the Asturias Citizens’ Forum, with which he won the same year the regional elections and became President of the Principality.

Álvarez-Cascos, who lost the autonomous government to the PSOE after bringing the elections forward to March 2012, remained at the head of this formation until 2018, first as president and then as secretary general, until that Carmen Moriyón, former mayor, take the head of this formation. reins of Gijón, with whom he then had a showdown for control of the game.

The current Foro leadership decided to denounce lvarez-Cascos for the persistent crimes of embezzlement and unjust administration after conducting an external audit, while accepting his expulsion from the party in June 2020.

During his first court appearance last September after the complaint was ratified, the founder of Foro assured that all the accusations were “ridiculously false” and attributed the accusations to the internal division.

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